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           Vibrant Inner Health pads and creme herbal cleanses are unique to the world of health!

Vibrant  Inner Health patches and herbal cleanses are unique to the world of health.  Vibrant Inner Health SOLE Pads, Belly Fat Freedom Creme, Nighttime Cleansing Detox Deodorant, Sentinel Breast Creme and Upright Stick for men all address the immune system.  Pure Ionic Sea Minerals, FrequenSea, No Added Fragrance Products, Mosquito NO BITE topical patches, and Medical Grade ManukaGuard Honey have now been added to our alternative medicine offerings. 

OUR  MISSION is to offer the the best high quality natural products possible whereby helping to relieve some of the physical pain and suffering experienced by so many of you today.  The following list consists of the main VIBRANT INNER HEALTH products.  

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