Vibrant Inner Health patches and cleanses
are unique to the world of health!

Vibrant Inner Health patches and cleanses are unique to the world of health and consist of FrequenSea, Mosquito NO BITE, Vibrant Inner Health SOLE Pads are an excellent cleanse and recently added Belly Fat Freedom Creme, Nighttime Cleansing Detox Deodorant, No Added Fragrance Products, Sentinel Breast Creme and Upright Stick for men.

OUR MISSION is to offer the the best high quality natural products possible whereby helping to relieve some of the physical pain and suffering experienced by so many of you today.

The following list consists of the main VIBRANT INNER HEALTH products.

Belly Fat Freedom - Proudly Made In the USA!

FrequenSea - Proudly Made IN the USA!

Mosquito NO BITE - Proudly Made In the USA!

Nighttime Cleansing Detox Deodorant - Proudly Made In the USA!

No Added Fragrance Products - Proudly Made In the USA!

PURE Hard Surface - Proudly Made IN the USA!

Sentinel Breast Creme - Proudly Made In the USA!

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Vibrant Inner Health SOLE Pads

TRR Enterprises Inc was founded in 1997 in the hopes of bringing quality natural products to your community and the world. We specialize in exceptional high quality herbal products that are extremely effective at naturally relieving discomfort and suffering that many of you experience and endure needlessly.

TRR Enterprises Inc is proud to offer to you a unique line of natural health cleanses, cremes, and nutritional products called VIBRANT INNER HEALTH products at wholesale and retail prices.

TRR Enterprises Inc offers the Korean cleanse recipe Vibrant Inner Health SOLE Pads. Our manufacturing company keeps all their certifications and standards updated and meets FDA requirements. Our Vibrant Inner Health SOLE Pads South Korean recipe comes from a nation that has used foot patches for over 500 years.

Again, our Mosquito NO BITE manufacturing company in the United States runs a professional business. It meets all of the pharmaceutical standard demands of our government. While researching for our Mosquito NO BITE, we found the following reputable individuals recommending Thiamine as an excellent biting insect repellent; keeping in mind that rarely can you orally consume enough to protect the body from bites.

Silva et. al. in 1995 (Re. Hosp Clin, Fac Med, Jao Paulo Vol 50, No1) reports a widely held opinion in Brazil, that vitamin B complex is useful as a mosquito repellent.

Stewart C.  Harvey,  Ph.D.  recommended high doses of vitamin B1 as an effective mosquito repellent in a 2002 comment to the New England Journal of Medicine.

Dr. Phil Wazny, a Naturopathic Doctor in Scottsdale, Arizona. who graduated magna cu m laude in Biology and Biochemistry from the University of Colorado said,  "A study done in the 1960s demonstrated that thiamine creates a skin odor that female mosquitoes,  the biters, find repulsive" but is undetectable to humans."

Joan Lydia Wilen, Bottom Line's Healing Remedies:Mosquito Gnat Bite Prevention, page 8.,Random House 2006.

Sid Kircheimer, The Doctors Book of Home Remedies; Insect Bites, pages 309-310; Rodale Press Inc, 1993

Dr. David G. Williams, in his Alternatives, January 2011 newsletter recommended Thiamine as a safe and excellent repellent for biting insects.

TRR is now very proud to introduce a new brand to the marketplace----HERBALIX RESTORATIVES. As always, we search for the best of the best! American made Herbalix Restoratives have spent years of research and money to offer to you chemical free products that do no harm. They meet with some of the most prominent scientists throughout the world who are studying the harm aluminum and other metals are doing to your body. Please take the time to peruse our site. We believe at least one of our products will benefit you.

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If you have any questions, you can call 800.789.3991 and leave a message or you can call our office direct to speak to an operator at 480.704.6034. During Daylight Savings Time we are in the Pacific Time Zone (summer months). During Standard Daylight Time we are in the Mountain Time Zone (winter months).

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